Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week One @ Home

Week One's Caretakers
Week one is Complete! She's been home for seven days and it's been fairly uneventful. We've spent time getting in to a rythym at home. Its taken a number of us to care for her this week as we are trying to find the balance between caring for her and our own homes, lives, and jobs. Billy has been great at taking the night shift after returning home from work around midnight and on through until he leaves again for work the next day at 11am. The rest of us have taken our shifts in and out of the home to provide for her daily needs.
Leona returned for the week to help care for the kids and was a great caretaker assistant to help out when we needed extra hands with Kristi. 

She is not liking the V8 juice
Doing Mini Squats, not her favorite exercise
Home health  and PT came once this week to do an evaluation on how to care for Kristi.  This is a prayer need that her insurance will cover all that she needs and that the home health service we've chosen will be a good fit for her.   - Another challenge this week has been getting enough nutrients in her. She is good to drink her ensure and glycerna drinks to get the nutrients its just that her intake is very minimal maybe drinking one a day over a period of time. She was able to talk to Dr. Levenback on Friday who said we will not know if her small intestine has come un-kinked so she can begin to add others foods in and see how she does.  When I left her today she was battling some pain and nausea and she truly didn't add much back in so that feels a little discouraging.  Other areas of concern this week has been that her pelvic drain has changed in color and consistency as well as volume.  The doctors had hoped that it would begin to drop to about 10ml and we would be able to remove it but nsteaid of decreasing it is increasing by quite a bit.  She will try to see a local Gynecology Oncologist this week to see if we can get some answers to that.  Please pray with us that she'll be able to get in soon and that the drive there will not be a set back for her. 

Katy experienced  an adrenaline rush giving her first shot!  Joshua was glad she agreed to do it since neither one of them like needles!  Katy decided she might like to do that more often!  Do to the stinky pevlic drain we have all decided to done our pretty nursing masks when taking care of some of Kristi's needs! They are our latest fashion statement. 
As the week progressed on Kristi was able to leave her bed some and sit at the couch for an hour   and last Thursday when it was so beautiful she chose to sit outside and watch dad and Isaiah shoot baskets.
Danina and Elise arrived last night to take Week Two shift!       

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  1. We are so pleased!!! onward and upward one step at a time :) Our prayers are daily for God's provision for you, Kristi, physically, mentally and emotionally to not only survive but to thrive in this new life set before you. You are such a strong lady and we claim with you God's promise to not allow more than you can bear. You all are wonderful!!!!!! Praise the Lord for all your sacrifice and labor of love. It's obvious that you all have an extra ordinary commitment to each other and to the Lord. Bless you all!!! Our love, Leon and Jeanie