Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Kristi was able to drink enough of the contrast drink to get a good CT Scan.  The scan did not reveal a bowel obstruction which is good news.  They are hoping to compare it to the MDA scans to make certain.  It did reveal that she still has an abscess in her abdomen, but the drain is in the right place for it to drain, and it has gone down in size.  They also saw that she has an enlarged kidney and will have some further testing concerning this.

They started her on two new types of antibiotics to see if the infection responds better to them.  They are watching her nutrition and are concerned she may need to be given blood for anemia.  They will determine this after today's blood tests.  She still has bouts of nausea with her food intake.

Kristi is growing very weary of being in the hospital, but doesn't want to go home without the infection being clear, or knowing she is on the right medication.  Yesterday they inserted a pic line into her arm for the medication and to continue to do the blood draws because her veins were not continuing to be able to handle all the antibiotics via her IV.

Please pray that the AR Dr.'s and the MDA Dr.'s will be able to communicate and transfer records for comparison.  Pray for wisdom for them and that Kristi will be able to eat and nourish her body.

Isaiah and Alyssa are having a fun spring break with their grandparents, great grandmother, and with some sleepovers or play-dates at some neighbors and friends.  Thanks to all for helping them through this spring break.

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  1. Stay Strong Kristi. You are such an encouragement. You are in my prayers. I heard a song today and thought of you. From Matt Maher called "Lord I need you".