Monday, March 4, 2013

The Trip Home...March 3, 2013

We were not prepared for the contradictory emotions
that hit all of us yesterday with this transition......
Joy and Sorrow
Excitement and Anxiety
and all mixed with a deep Gratefulness!

Kristi was having a rough morning the day of her 
trip home.  She had a restless night due to pain
and side effects to medication. 
 Having her family all back together
and leaving cancer behind in Houston
kept her moving. 
The 20 min car ride to the airport confirmed how much we needed a plane ride to Arkansas!
Amy flew from Siloam with Rory to meet Dad and Danina to help
Kristi fly home to her family and friends!  She was
already in pain from the short road trip and had a rough start
to the plane ride, but then was able to go to sleep.  
Dad went back to finish loading the car up and started
his drive back to Arkansas.  He left a card of encouragement
for the next people and prayed for them as they start
their visit to Houston for Medical reasons.  As you can see...

there would not have been room for Kristi to drive home anyway!!  : )

Two very happy Children and Mom
to see each other when her plane landed.   It was a happy, but quiet reunion as the reality of the situation was a lot to take in for the kids and Kristi was exhausted and not feeling well.  

 Joshua is a handy brother to have around!  He built
this to help her move while in bed and get in and out more easily.  

Settled at home!  Thank you LORD!!  
Continue asking God with us to protect
Kristi from any further complications and to guard against infection.  Praying her obstruction in the small intestine resolves itself and that the fluid in her abdomen will continue to decrease.  Praying she can rest and heal and feel well enough to eat and hydrate as needed.  

We have a schedule for the month of March for Care Taking Organized.  Kristi says she is like taking care of a newborn baby around the clock...and that really is a little of what it is like!  I'm sure glad she can communicate and tell us what she needs ....unlike a newborn!!
  I told her yesterday as I was getting her ready to go to the plane that she was such a good patient.  She always remains kind and appreciative even when in great pain and misery.  


  1. God has doubly blessed your family...with amazing caregivers, servant hearts, engineering minds, wise souls, and a firm foundation!! And then the sweetest, gracious patient ever!

  2. Glad to see Kristi is home! We continue to pray for her comfort and her caregivers, and look forward to her healing more each and every day.

    With love,
    Sue (JJs Mom)