Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Brother's Perspective

Today started hours before I wanted it to, but I was eager to catch my plane to see my sister today. When I arrived Billy picked me up and we arrived at the hospital a few moments before Kristina went into yet another surgery. We all walked in to the pre-op and I gave Kristi a big hug and talked to her for about five minutes. I was not mentally prepared to meet her in that room and as I looked around I noticed there were several other people in that same room. I started to feel hot, faint, nervous, anxious and sad I guess. I felt a real need to get out of there so started trying to figure out how to get out of where we were and finally came to a hall. That hall made me feel no better because it was a constant stream of patients being pushed someplace. I was aimlessly walking looking for a secluded place to gather myself for a moment. I was overwhelmed at the amount of patients being treated, the1000's of caregivers and the size of just the building we were in. Everywhere I looked was another sad story. Meanwhile, Kristina was being pushed back into her surgery room. After a moment I went and found Billy and Amy again to wait on the Dr to brief us after surgery. Kristina came out after having fluid aspirated from her abdomen and was pushed back to her room where Amy,Billy and I did what we could to comfort her. As Billy and I left tonight to come back to the apartment, I was sad that there was very little that we could do to comfort Kristina today other then rubbing her neck or legs. Im praying tomorrow is a new day for her and the countless other patients fighting the battle with cancer. Kristina is a strong women and a fierce fighter and I'm blessed to have as a sister. I look forward to doing the little things that seem so small to me but can help her like rubbing her neck when she has a headache. Im grateful for all her previous caregivers and my family, because I know they have dealt with much more in the past few weeks than I did today. My perspective after today has been forever changed.
 — Joshua at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Read the following update for the latest update on her recovery from this small surgical procedure. 

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