Saturday, February 2, 2013

Houston Support Team

 Dr. Levenback has been very caring...along with Dr. Su(our pain Dr.) and Dr. Addlman & Nurses!  Thank you! 

 Blog Updating! 

We have all taken lots of turns rubbing her back and working to lift her and take pressure off her back . 

 Thank you Marie for the Fruit! 
Mom does great as the "Night Nurse" and Billy giving ice chips. 

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  1. Hurray!!! Lovin' you all. So proud of how you function as a family. A true example for us all! Thank you! And thank you for the info and pictures. Makes praying so much more personal. Still holding you up before His throne. Our eyes are teary but our hearts are encouraged. Like you, we are standing in awe of our most holy God and the miracles He has done and is doing. Bless you all Dear Ones! Hugs all around.