Sunday, February 17, 2013


Todays Jesus Calling begain with Thank Me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still. Do Not spoil these quiet hours by wishing them away, waiting impatiently..... We find ourselves Waiting again today but what/who is it that we are waiting on? Yesterday when I (Amy) arrived and Danina trained me in all my nursing duties as we passed the baton of caretaking,  it occured to me that all though this was going to be a full time job we had moved into the phase of waiting on Kristi's body to do the hard work of healing and adjusting to her new normal.  Kristi had a good day yesterday, she enjoyed some time outside and ended her day with a long and successful walk.

>We awoke this morning needing to say goodbye to Danina and Worley. Billy took them to the airport and Kristi and I had a quiet morning together waiting on the home health nurse to come.  She got all good reports from the nurse once she arrived and then we moved into waiting on the physical therapist to arrive that afternoon to assess her before setting up a PT plan for her journey to recovery.  As we ate lunch Kristi began to complain of feeling dizzy and we layed her back in bed to wait for the PT to arrive.  At his arrival and taking her vital signs we began to discover that her symptoms had went from nausea to high heart rate of 101. 
She pushed through her assessment and then we thought we'd wait again to see if symptoms normalized.  Within the hour,  all her vitals had elevated and we found ourselves loading up and heading to the ER after consulting with the Oncologist on call.... and there again we found ourselves waiting! As of now it's 2:00am and Billy and I have been waiting in her room on the 15th floor for her to arrive from her CT scan and now that she's here we wait for the results!  We arrived here at 4:30 this afternoon and watched the hours tick by as they gave her 4 bags of antibiotics via IV and took numerous cultures to lead us to this point of needing a CT Scan to assess for abscesses in the pelvic wall and abdomen.  We had some giggles as we waited and even a few tears. Hard to be back here after being released and enjoying a good day outside the walls of the hospital. Billy has done a great job rubbing her feet as we pass the time.  

Gods grace is Sufficient. We find ourselves praising Him often on this journey as He carries us through the ups and the downs. We find ourselves patiently waiting. None of us feeling overly anxious outside of when we first arrived and Billy saying that maybe they needed to take his vitals! 
We wait not on doctors or medical records or CT Scans,  but we wait upon the Lord.  John Wallers song Worship While I'm waiting has been a theme song for Kristi on many occasions during her Cancer walk.  He states,  "Patiently I will Wait,  And I will move ahead bold and confident taking every step into obedience..."  Kristi has been so faithful to walk in obedience every step of the way and once again we will walk by faith and see what lies ahead.  She rests peacefully on her bed and I'm about to crawl into my pull out couch and we will slumber here together on the 15th floor.  It reminds me of another time Kristi and I slumbered together in a crazy place as we took her off to College in Oregon.  We stopped in the wee hours of the night in Idaho at a State Park to pull over and catch some sleep before carrying on. There was not enough room in the van for all of us to sleep so she and I tossed our sleeping bags out the door and slept on the grass under the stars! We awoke the next morning to the sounds of geese all around us! Life with Kristi is always an adventure and I call it a privilege  to get to walk it with her. 


  1. I can picture you there in your luxury suite on the 15th floor. I can picture you waking up in the grass in the park in Idaho and us all getting a good laugh. But still this brings me tears. I think it's because I am so grateful you are there again to give her courage and bring her confidence. To have your husband and family to watch over you is so comforting.
    I will be praying that you and Billy and the Doctors are able to make the best decisions to do the right thing for her. Love MOM

  2. You are all such a great encouragement to everyone, wonderful Godly role models. It is humbling.

    With love and prayers,
    Sue (JJs Mom)