Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 19th Update: A Trip to the Salon

Kristi's temperature has maintained and her vitals are steady following the procedure yesterday. She was in significant pain throughout yesterday and the night primarily due to them putting in another drain into the abdomen to work to prevent infection again.  In addition, she had fallen behind on some of her medications in this process.  Nurse "Amy" stayed on top of it all night so she could get back on track and be ahead of the pain today.  The Dr.'s believe she has respond well to the antibiotics for the infection, and the procedure to drain the fluid was successful.   They explained that the pressure from the blood clot and fluid in the abdomen has complicated the internal healing process some, but they expect her to do well now that the fluid is removed.  She will need to stay in the hospital and in Houston a little longer than expected in order to monitor this healing.  Please pray that God will heal her internally and that they will not need to do any more procedures or surgeries to complete this process.  Her Dr. told her that this is two steps forward, one step back.  It should not be a total regression.  She has felt weak again and had little appetite, but has felt stronger as the day has progressed. 

MD Anderson offers a free salon for their cancer patients and because Kristi has been too weak to stand and shower the past couple of days, her caretakers took her to the salon to get her hair washed and fixed.  This made her feel much better, but at the same time was met with many mixed emotions as they watched other women getting their heads shaved, and were purchasing wigs or other coverings for their heads.   

Kristi face timing with Isaiah and Alyssa.  Pray for all of them.  Kristi and Billy are missing the kids and the children are missing their parents.  They are sleeping in their bed at night to feel close to them.  Katy said they had lots of questions for her last night as she tucked them into bed.

Breck and Kacey (Jeff & Amy's kids) made a Bear named HOPE and sent it to Kristi. 

 Kristi finally felt well enough for a little walk.  They are adding potassium and magnesium to her long list of pills to take daily.  She also needs to drink a lot of fluid which has been hard since she hasn't felt well.  She is working to "make herself do as the Dr. ordered." 

It is time for the next "change of the guards" tomorrow.  Amy flies out in the morning and Dad flies in tomorrow night.  Thank you God for modern medicine and modern travel that makes all of this possible!!  
Many  Blessings to each of you, Danina

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