Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday, Feb 2nd. Day Two

They moved Kristi from her recovery room to her own room last night at 9:30.  She is in room G1078 in the main building.  She will not feel like talking on the phone yet.   At this point, we do not know when she can have visitors beyond family due to having to control infection.  This may also be true when we first get home.  We will learn more as we go and let you know.

We stayed with her until about 11 until leaving her with our favorite night nurse....Mom!   Mom wrote on facebook this morning:
Here we are on the tenth floor of this big hospital in Houston! The places your kids take you! Its a hard road to travel for our Kristi. I get to have a "sleepover" at MD Anderson, a place I had only heard of and will always get lost in. Lots of dedicated people here trying to help so many sick people.....

It is hard to be in this huge hospital and hear that they are 'over' 100% occupancy.  So many people's lives have stopped and are fighting for life against cancer.  

Yesterday, we were so grateful that two Dr.'s stopped by at the exact times that Kristi was having some of her horrendous moments with pain.  I asked her if she felt like she was having a baby and she said "WORSE"!   These Dr.'s were able to talk to the nurse and the acute pain team and discuss the concept of her muscles contracting due to all the incisions and moving everything internally around.  The idea of adding the muscle relaxant has worked to make this bearable and for her to get some sleep. However, we ask that you continue to pray for the pain management because her blood pressure is still running too low due to epidural pain medication and they have to lower the dose.  She is also limited on medications as she can have nothing orally yet at this point. 

Please continue to pray against infection.  She did show infection in her urine last night.  They will continue her on antibiotics.  No results back on blood culture until 72 hours.  

Pray also as they plan to get her up to walk some so that her lungs will not fill with fluid and it will get her body organs working again.  We can't imagine her even getting up out of bed with all the incisions and pain. 

As we continue to learn and understand all that the Dr.'s have done to work to give Kristi life, we believe it is a miracle that all of this is even medically possible and it will be a miracle for her to recover   and live well.  

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