Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday, Feburary 1st - Day One Recovery

We were able to see Kristi last night about 10:30p.m.  It was SOOOOO good to see her!  We all felt emotional and grateful to God and the Dr.'s for carrying her through such a rough and long surgery.  We were relieved when we saw her.  She looked so much better than we expected.  Thank you Lord!! Our sweet Mom, who is so good at understanding medical things and caring and fighting for her kids,  stayed with Kristi all night so the rest of us could rest.  I don't think she could have left her anyways!! Kristi was grateful she stayed as she had no memory of the rest of us even being here, and she started being more coherent and in significant pain around 5a.m. this morning.

Our favorite story from last night was that when Worley took his turn to go in and see her. He told her, "You did so good, and we are proud of you."  She could barely talk, but sighed really big and then said, "Try, Try, Try!!!"  We all thought that sounded just like her!  Self-Willing herself for what is ahead!

We have all been with her this morning, and Mom is resting at the apartment now.  She looks good and has been able to be very interactive.  Continue to pray against infection and for her pain management.  They are currently having trouble getting her epidural to work correctly and she really needs this to monitor the pain.  She was running a high fever early morning, but it is coming down.  They did start her on antibiotics and took a blood culture to monitor any signs of infection.  Her Dr.'s said it is uncommon to run that high of a fever that quickly post-op.  It could be infection, but also could be tied to her pain level and surgery trauma.  Kristi was relieved to hear that upon opening her up and removing scar tissue, they were able to see the cancer better, and all believed this was certainly necessary for her to do.

We have talked this morning about how each Dr. that came to talk to us said that their portion of the surgery went extremely well.  The best case scenario for a bad case situation.  Dr. Levenback said,  "Now that this is done, you all need to move forward to help her get well.  It will be a long, hard journey."

Amy received an email from a friend in Arkansas and she wrote the following.  We asked if she would let us share it because it put great words to the battle and journey and exactly what many of us have felt and we know needs to happen now.  Kristi, herself, said over Christmas that God may choose to provide my healing this time through the surgery.

 "Well, OK. It is so hard to believe it is done. I feel like God has kicked me in the head, though, and told me to "man up." I have so struggled to accept this and have prayed earnestly for healing, for another miracle. He may have  just provided the healing through the surgery. Now that this is complete, I feel like David when he pleaded with God not to let his son with Bathsheba die. He grieved, fasted, begged. Then after God made His decision, David accepted it, got up and moved on. I feel like God is telling me to accept it and move on with my prayers. Kristi needs great, strong prayers for recovery not someone begging, pleading for a decision that God has not ordained."

God's grace is so awesome.  He gives it to her and all who love her exactly when we need it!! 

Amy read today's Jesus Calling to us.  
Psalm 18:29  "With YOUR help, I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall."  The days and months ahead feel like a huge wall to scale! 

2 Cor 5:7  We walk by faith, and not by sight.  We have no idea what the journey aheads is going to be like, but we know God will enable us all. 

Psalm 91:11,12  "For He will give His angels charge over you to accompany and defend and preseve you in all your ways. "

Love to all of you....our fellow travelers on this journey.  We are so grateful to have you! 


  1. "Try, try, try." I teared up at this. I wish I could give her a big hug. Give her my love!
    Amy Dupire Jones

  2. Dear Kristi and you all, Leon and I are praying for you many times each day. Last night I was telling him that I wanted to get you all this wonderful devotion book that I've been reading. It has meant so much to me and I was sure it would to you also. And then today Amy read todays devotion on the site. How awesome is that, that God would already have brought it to you in this time of need. I am so thankful that you are reading these thoughts as they have been so helpful to me and I am sure will be and are to all of you. Please know that we are loving on you in our prayers. Bless you all and yes, you ladies have a very precious Mother. She is truly a woman after God's own heart! A dear friend and true example of God's love to us all. This is a very painful,in every way, journey you are on. Your heart is in the right place and your thoughts, hope and peace are centered on Jesus. He will not let you down. You are in good hands and He is strong enough to carry you through this new life, with all its challenges and trials. He is sufficient to more than meet all your needs. You are special to Him. You are special to us. Love you so much, Leon and Jeanie