Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a far away land there were three little girls running through the green grass and the wildflowers on the hillside.  They were happy and carefree.  They lived in the beauty of the green valley among grazing sheep and cows that sometimes scared them but Dad said not to worry about.   They had a cat they dressed up in doll clothes and usually a dog and two sets of grandparents living nearby and some aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.  Just like so many families. The two older girls watched over their little sister and cared for her and made sure no harm came to her in this green valley.

The picture in the green valley with little girls running around outside playing in the sprinkler or climbing the hillside came to my mind many times this past week as I watched as Kristi's two sisters cared for her in this new and strange environment of endless Dr appointments and tall rising medical buildings, pain meds, oxygen and white coats and tubes and nurses.  The three little girls are all now the same age it seems.  Any one of them could take care of the others and no doubt there will be opportunities to do so.  Kristi struggled through her darkest hour and came out on the other side in a Safe Haven of those who loved her since her very first days.  Mom


  1. Sweet story Mom! I know you had that vision of years gone by as you watched us help Kristi this past week. It is a privelege to get to walk with Kristi during this very hard uphill climb! She's a tough girl though and makes us all proud! I tell people often how happy I am you gave us all these siblings to share in life with. xoxo

  2. Precious memories. Loved that, Patsy!

  3. Mom, today is October 21, 2014 and I loved reading this. I could see us playing and I could feel the love once again that they gave me in Houston. Thank you for this picture. ~Kristi