Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday, February 18th... Infection

The Dr.'s have determined that there is too much fluid in the abdomen for Kristi's body to absorb so they will move forward with the needle procedure done by the radiology oncologist to remove the fluid.       They are expecting her to go in for this procedure any minute.  Kristi's fever has continued to spike while on antibiotics so they are concerned this fluid is causing an infection.  It is undetermined at this time where this fluid is coming from.  Please pray for wisdom for the Dr.'s and that this procedure will produce the needed results.  Kristi is extremely nauseated so has little appetite.  This all combined has caused her to physically be weak again.

Our prayers were answered last night for her to be moved back to the 10th floor where the nursing staff understands her situation and her treatment.  Amy is with her and Billy is currently at the airport picking up Josh who is coming in for his shift of care taking.  We are so grateful our parents had 5 children!!  It is taking all of us and more!

Pray also for Kristi's heart and mind as this setback is discouraging.  She is missing her children and was looking forward to being released to return to Arkansas this weekend.  Billy is under some tough time constraints with his work at the end of this week and wanted to be able to help Kristi travel home. With all of this said, none of us want her to leave Houston and MD Anderson too soon.  We are trusting God to clearly reveal what decisions we need to make next.  Our lease on our apartment is up on the 27th and we aren''t sure they will rent it out weekly.
I'm reminded of Proverbs 19:9 "Man plans his ways, but God directs his steps."  There is comfort in knowing that God knows what is best for Kristi's recovery and well being,
and he will go before us in all that is needed. 

We will keep you posted.  Danina


  1. Thank you for your continued efforts in keeping us 'in the loop' so we know more clearly how to pray. You are not alone.

    With Love,
    Sue (JJ's Mom) :)

  2. I've been praying, bless her heart, and the rest of you.
    Cathy S