Monday, February 25, 2013

She's a fighter! :)

HELLO from Houston! :) It's Kristina, Katy and George here! We have been in the Apartment since Friday night as you know but we have STAYED here! Hooray! We have experienced some good encouraging moments but have also still had some moments of discouragement as well. Those times typically come in the evening. That's when she struggles with nausea, fever, and overall discomfort. We have really late... nights here. Dad and I are usually crawling into bed around 1:30. You can all pray for the evenings to get better! We are hoping we see something better tonight. Saturday night was by far the worst with a fever right at the cusp of going to the Emergency Room. One point higher meant we were loading her up. We were able to bring it down after a few hours and were very grateful and so was she. That felt upsetting to her instantly after her experience being home for one night and then heading back to the ER the previous weekend. We didn't want a repeat! She's having a good day today. We are giving her anti-nausea meds all day today to see if that will help with this evening even if she's not feeling nauseous. Also, going to try to get her up and take lots of short walks opposed to two long walks. Right now we are thinking it's more important to not beat her previous walking record and wear her out to where she's not up to walking again! We have appointments tomorrow and on Wednesday. Those appointments will hopefully give us some more insight on her progress and when she can come home.

We have not had Internet since we have been back to the apartment. The owner of the apartment came and replaced the Modem a few hours ago so now we can update you all! We had to wait til Monday morning and that felt like a long wait! We also lost all water on Friday night when we got back to the apartment. We got here about 7:30pm and needed to do some "nursing" around 9pm and that is when we realized we had NO water whatsoever! Definitely not what we needed at that moment for sure. But luckily we were able to accomplish what we needed to with Bottled water and had just replenished our supply that night!! But with no hot water meant we had to boil it first! :) The office told us they "were working on it". After our nursing was done it was back on! Then we lost it again last night and didn't have it again this morning BUT now we have it again!

Kristi has seen her home health nurse and her physical therapist today and is now resting on the couch watching a movie. She sat up at the table in her wheelchair for about an hour and half before the PT showed up. I painted her nails and toenails and gave her a cute perky ponytail during that time! She seems to be doing really well. Please pray for her evenings though and that pain, nausea, and fever stay away! Thank you! ~Katy (little sister)


  1. Thank you Katy for the update! Wow! it sounds like you all have had a work out! We are praying but it is nice to know in way to direct our prayers. It is so good for you to be there to help with the girly things too, Katy. Those type of things are so uplifting to our spirits and that helps everything. So happy that you made it through the week end, Kristi without having to go back and that you all are getting the routine figured out as to what works best. We are loving on you in prayers and sending our blessings. I know its very hard but you are doing great!!! Love you all, Leon and Jeanie

  2. Just a note of encouragement to you all!

    You are all 'overcomers' that is plainly obvious.

    We wish we could 'be there' to help out and give you some respite. Fortuantely, you do have such a wonderful large loving family to continue to support you all!

    Sue (JJS' Mom)