Friday, February 1, 2013

Prayer Request

Please pray for Kristi.  They are having a rough time with pain management because of muscle spasms in the abdomen affecting the nerves and because of some allergies to some of the higher doses of pain medication.  Her right leg is also causing great pain.  They believe this is due to the epidural not working on both sides.  Her blood pressure is too low to give her a higher dose in her epidural.   Rough for her and tough on all of us.  So helpless!!  Pray especially for Billy.  The acute pain team has been here several times and are working hard to do all they can.   The nurses have been so kind!  Pain team has just decided to add muscle relaxant, but it will take 12 hours for full effect.  Pray for wisdom for the Dr.'s.  There are several working hard to treat this problem.


  1. Kristina, we will faithfully pray in agreement with you for relief and improved pain management for Kristi and Billy, as well as wisdom for their doctors.