Monday, February 18, 2013

Procedure update

About 2:30 today Kristi was returned to her home away from home here on the tenth floor! It looks like we will be here for at least a couple more days. They were successful in draining what they called infected blood clot from her lower abdomen. The doctor explained it had originated from a blood clot that had turned into a pocket of fluid and became infected. They did leave a small drain in this area that they will continue to monitor. During the procedure they found a few other smaller areas of fluid and were able to drain those as well. This afternoon she has continued to battle nausea and a temp. We are finding that phenergan is our new best friend. It not only takes away the nausea and vomitng but puts her straight to sleep.  That's a great way to pass the time while hanging out here!  Billy and her both are currently sleeping!

The excitement of our day was Joshua's arrival this morning and he's taking his turn enjoying this luxury wheelchair that Kristi has for her recovery. Today we are thankful for it because it provides extra seating in this quaint little room!


  1. Glad they found something they could treat/resolve..and glad to hear they are getting some relief and much-needed rest!

    Sue (JJ's Mom)

  2. So thankful for meds that can help when we need them most, and the ability our health care providers have to resolve problems that seem to come with these sort of situations. God is so good to give them the knowledge to deal with such complicated health issues. Welcome, Josh!! we are so thankful that you all can help. Bless you all. Love and prayers. Leon and Jeanie

    1. Jeanie, we are so thankful. I am certainly thinking about Leon during his treatments as well. Saying a prayer for him now. - Kristi

  3. Thank you, Kristi!! Leon is doing well. He finished his 2nd sessions this morning and now we wait for the next month. His white cell count was way down to 6.? where it had been up to 40 and more. His lymph glands are all much smaller also. So we are happy. Just doing what we can to keep the acid level low so not to be nauseous or have heartburn. He is tired most of the time but doing well. We are thinking of you daily and praying lots!!! Love you, sweet lady, and your dear family! Jeanie and Leon